Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are there any contaminants (e.g. Mercury) in OmegaGen® Cardio?

    Heavy metals and contaminants levels in OmegaGen® Cardio are tested and have reported to be within the regulatory requirements.

    Test Limit
    Arsenic (inorganic) <0.1 ppm
    Cadmium <0.1 ppm
    Mercury <0.1 ppm
    Lead <0.1 ppm
    Copper <10 ppm
    Tin <10 ppm
    Antimony <1 ppm
  • How is OmegaGen® Cardio better when the EPA / DHA is so much lower than Fish Oil?

    The key issue is not how much omega 3s are ingested (swallowed) but how much actually gets into the site of action (cell membranes). OmegaGen® Cardio provides omega 3s mainly in phospholipid form along with powerful antioxidants in liposome “packages”. This allows for better absorption, bioavailability and protection against oxidation. Fish oil provides omega 3s in triglyceride form which require a more complex digestion process with no inbuilt antioxidant protection. The efficacy of the OmegaGen® Cardio is the proof of this increased absorption, bioavailability and protection.

  • As OmegaGen® Cardio has antioxidants, do you still need to take antioxidant supplements as well?

    It is still useful to continue taking antioxidant supplements like Vitamin C etc.

  • How many Calories are there in OmegaGen® Cardio?

    OmegaGen® Capsule contains approximately 4.8 calories (20 kilojoules).

  • Can I use OmegaGen® Cardio for acute disorders and still keep on a maintenance dose of fish oil?

    OmegaGen® Cardio is not indicated for acute use so it should be taken continually. Fish oil may be taken for other indications in conjunction with OmegaGen® Cardio.

  • Is there any dairy, soy or gluten in OmegaGen® Cardio?

    There is no dairy, soy or gluten in OmegaGen® Cardio.

  • What is OmegaGen® Cardio free from?

    OmegaGen® Cardio is free from artificial colours and flavours, egg, gluten, GMO ingredients, lactose, preservatives, soy and yeast.

  • Is OmegaGen® Cardio chewable?

    It is recommended for OmegaGen® Cardio capsules to be swallowed as a whole. However, with individual preferences, it may be chewed or pierced for the liquid content in the capsule to be extracted and consumed.

  • Can pregnant or lactating women take OmegaGen® Cardio?

    OmegaGen® Cardio has not been trialed for pregnant or lactating women. Due to lack of supporting data, it is not recommended for during pregnancy or when lactating.

  • Can I take OmegaGen® Cardio in conjunction to warfarin?

    OmegaGen® Cardio can affect the effectiveness of warfarin. It is therefore not recommended for OmegaGen® Cardio to be taken by people on warfarin.

  • Can I take OmegaGen® Cardio in conjunction with lipid lowering medications?

    Under a health professional’s guidance, OmegaGen® Cardio may be taken with some lipid lowering medications.

  • I’m allergic to shellfish. Is OmegaGen® Cardio suitable for me?

    OmegaGen® Cardio is derived from shellfish. Individuals with a known allergy to shellfish should avoid taking this product.

  • I’m allergic to sulfites. Can I take OmegaGen® Cardio?

    OmegaGen® Cardio contains sulfites. Avoid taking OmegaGen® Cardio if you have a known allergy to sulfites.

  • Where is OmegaGen® Cardio manufactured?

    OmegaGen® Cardio is manufactured under strict quality compliance in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved site in Australia.